News and Views on the Food Insight Blog

When the new International Food Information Council Foundation Web site,, launched in the fall of 2009, it included a blog page where we could share news and views on current and hot topics, breaking news, and experts’ take on food safety and nutrition issues.  As a new feature in the Food Insight newsletter we will regularly share links to some of our recent blogs on topics you may find interesting.

Because we know you all lead busy lives and cannot always keep up with our latest blog postings (unless you follow us on Twitter, or have signed up to receive our RSS feeds), we have decided to provide a monthly summary of the blogs in the Food Insight Newsletter.  To bring you up to speed, we are including all blog postings from the month of March 2010 in the list below.  We encourage you to read these informative, concise, and insightful postings by pressing CTRL+click to follow the link when your mouse is on the title of the blog posting (which has an embedded Web site link) or cut and past the provided link into your Web browser.

To see more of our science-based and often fun blogs, go to: You can search for topics of interest to you from safe food handling, nutrition labeling, weight management, allergies, and dozens of other topics.  You also can find a chronological list of blogs that can be accessed by a click of your mouse.

There’s more to this than just reading what others have written.  We invite you to join our social media conversation by providing thoughtful comments on Food Insight blogs to help spread science- and fact-based information to fellow readers.  Happy blogging!