Newsbite: 2012 Food & Health Survey: An Infographic is Worth a Thousand Words

Humans have been communicating with images and pictures from the time cavemen chronicled the success of the hunt on rock walls. However, the advent of new social networking sites and web-based tools has increased the popularity, accessibility and ease of creating and communicating information using “infographics.”  Infographics are visual depictions of data or information designed to be understood quickly and easily—information “at a glance.”

Given the wealth of information in the IFIC Foundation 2012 Food & Health Survey and the desire to share this information, the IFIC Foundation has developed infographics depicting some of the key findings:

We created these infographics to better communicate some of the important information from our Food & Health Survey information.  You are welcome and encouraged to share them through your various outreach channels. 

For more information on the 2012 Food & Health Survey, please visit our resource page. To download the full 2012 Food & Health Survey infographic, please click here.