Newsbite: Grill It Safely

Summer is arguably one of the best times of the year. With warm weather comes family vacations, sunbathing, and baseball games. But before you start up the grill, light the charcoal, or pack the picnic, take some advice to grill it safe and remember a few key food safety tips from our founding fathers:

1. Clean

2. Cook

3. Separate

4. Chill

These are just four basic food safety steps that can help reduce the risk of foodborne illness \[See Be Food Safe with Win Video\]. 

When it comes to summer grilling, “cooking” is a critical and important step.  Many instances of foodborne illness are associated with, and stem from, consumption of raw or undercooked animal food products.  So, it is necessary to make sure that food is fully cooked before eating it. So don’t just look at the burgers and BBQ chicken on the grill—use a food thermometer to determine if the food is really fully cooked to a safe internal temperature. 

The safe internal temperature of meat is not a “one temperature fits all;” it depends on the type of meat being cooked. Minimum safe internal temperatures for specific foods are:

  • Steak: 145 °F
  • Fish: 145 °F
  • Ground Beef (e.g., hamburger): 160 °F
  • Chicken Breasts: 165 °F
  • Pork: 145 °F

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