FACTS Network Debuts

Hello, world! Welcome to the FACTS Network, your source for accurate, reliable, science-based information about food and nutrition. "What is FACTS?" you might ask. Here is what we're all about:

Food Advocates Communicating Through Science (FACTS) is a global, interactive network formed to combat the growing tide of deceptive advice, misleading statistics and alarmist tactics that define much of today’s food and nutrition dialogue. Made up of scientists, healthcare experts, and food advocates, FACTS provides scientific conclusions and compelling insight from experts, correcting common misperceptions about modern food production, food safety, nutrition, health and wellness.

Our logo is intended to connote two things: First, a dinner plate, in that we're literally "serving up" reliable food insights. And second, a "conversation bubble," in that we want this to be an ongoing dialogue--ideally one that omits a lot of the rhetoric and hyperbole that we're already inundated with.

FACTS will draw upon the vast resources of the IFIC Foundation, as well as our distinguished array of credible, independent experts and partners. But we also aim to provide a little more analysis and to tell, in the words of the late Paul Harvey, "the rest of the story."

So many of the conversations today about food are one-sided and, frankly, often devoid of ... well, FACTS. But there is at least some evidence that those conversations are being driven by a small minority, some of whom muddy the waters with misinformation and seek to deprive the "silent majority" of choice when it comes to foods and beverages. Some of them also follow deceptive advice, as we say above.

If there's a silver lining to be found, IFIC Foundation research just this year showed that only a minuscule percentage of Americans, 2 to 3 percent, rate TV personalities as trusted sources of food and health information. Perhaps also surprisingly, news media and social media ranked the in the low single-digits regarding trust. That's probably because most of us are at least a little skeptical of sensational claims, but we also can't be blamed for sometimes feeling adrift in a sea of deception.

That's it for now, and once again, welcome! As I mentioned, we do want this to be a two-way conversation, one that we hope you'll carry on with your friends and neighbors. In the near future we will be adding comments functionality to our posts, so please bear with us for now.

In the meantime, feel free to speak up on our Facebook page or @ our Twitter feed. And if you share our aims, please consider signing up to become a FACTS Follower!


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