Food Biotechnology Language


The topic of food biotechnology can be complex and confusing. For some with deeply held personal beliefs about food, it can be a highly emotional topic. Therefore, how you communicate is as important as what you say.

This chapter will provide four Key Messages about food biotechnology focusing on safety, consumer benefits, sustainability, and feeding the world. The Supporting Talking Points are a “message menu” from which you may select a few talking points with specific facts and examples that help to add depth and meaning to the Key Messages.

As will be discussed in the Preparing the Presentation chapter (also see sidebar in this chapter,Tips for Communicating with Impact), you must tailor your language to your situation. 

Second, the importance of Language is explored, including consumer-tested food biotechnology Words to Use and Words to Lose. The intent of these lists is to raise your awareness of words that have been found to evoke negative or positive reactions from consumers. Although Words to Lose may sometimes be necessary, an understanding of their potential impact on certain groups will aid in more productive conversations with those groups.

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Tip for Communicating with Impact: Know your audience and prepare accordingly. (See Tips for Communicating with Impact in Chapter 3!)