Hydration: Does it Always Have to be Water?

Hydration BrochureThis publication addresses the common misperception that caffeine causes dehydration and provides an overall guide to how all liquids, including milk, fruit juices, sports drinks, watery foods, and even beverages such as soft drinks, coffee and tea can play a role in meeting individual hydration needs.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, an avid exerciser, or more the spectator type, there’s one common fact: you can’t live long without water.  Your body needs enough water to carry out many vital body functions and help you perform at your best.

That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated both on and off the field, says fitness expert, author and celebrity trainer, Kathy Kaehler. “Proper hydration keeps our bodies running the way they’re supposed to,” she says. 

Download the PDF to learn the ins and outs of hydration, as well as some surprising facts about caffeine and hydration.