Presentation: The Role of Biotechnology in Our Food Supply


The Role of Biotechnology in Our Food Supply presentation has been developed to help you discuss food biotechnology* with the public. It communicates the latest information available, and is highly visual to help engage your listeners. In the Notes Pages of the PowerPoint, you will find key points for each slide to use during your presentation.

A successful presentation, interview, or even a discussion about biotechnology over the dinner table isn’t over until you’ve effectively addressed the questions that are raised. Also included in this chapter are a few suggestions for Answering Tough Questions, using the Tips for Communicating with Impact.

*We understand you may prefer to use one or a few slides from “The Role of Biotechnology in Our Food Supply” presentation, adding them to your own presentation. If you choose to do so, we just ask that you please cite the IFIC Foundation as the source for the information, and that you not change the information as it appears on the slide.

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Preparing the Presentation

 (Tips on how to use the PPT)


Preparing the Presentation

Tips for Communicating with Impact

Answering Tough Questions About Food Biotechnology

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