What's in Our Food: Understanding Common Food Ingredients

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Favorably reviewed by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

Do long, scary-sounding ingredient names on food labels make you wonder what’s in your food and why? This resource provides the answers!

Food ingredients, such as those found in the ingredient list on food labels, serve specific functions in our food supply. They may not always be obvious, but they are nevertheless important.

Food ingredients – including those that have been used for centuries, as well as those developed more recently – help make possible a safe, convenient, healthful, flavorful and affordable food supply.

This convenient one-page resource shows that there’s more to ingredient names than meets the eye. This quick-reference sheet describes many common food ingredients (scary names and all) and their functions in our food, along with more familiar terms for some ingredients, and examples of foods where they can be found.

Download the PDF to learn more about today’s most common food ingredients.