Bringing Biotechnology to Life: An Educational Resource for Grades 7-10

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“Bringing Biotechnology to Life” is a resource for science educators and others interested in learning more about biotechnology and its role in food production. This unit of instruction addresses national learning standards for 7th – 10th grade, yet the interest level may be much broader. Seven sequential lessons guide the learner through the process of understanding DNA, selective breeding over time, agricultural biotechnology today, including foods produced through biotechnology (often referred to by consumers as genetically modified organisms (“GMOs”). Students are also presented with tools to evaluate the reliability of information they see and hear. The unit culminates with a relevant research paper and presentation to people beyond the students’ classmates and teacher. This unit follows the principles of Project Based Learning by engaging students with a driving question, encouraging voice and choice, incorporating critique and revision, and including a public audience for the final project.

Brought to you by The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture in partnership with the International Food and Information Council Foundation

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