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Sustainable Spuds: New Low-Acrylamide Potato Cuts Back on Food Waste

Originally posted Nov. 21, 2014

UPDATE (January 14, 2016): USDA has approved an additional variety of genetically engineered potato for market. Snowden potatoes are genetically engineered to produce less acrylamide, black spot bruising, and sugar using the same technologies as the six varieties that were approved in 2014.

What We Can Learn about Research Bias from “Deflategate”

You probably thought you could escape all of the “Deflategate” drama surrounding the Super Bowl by reading a food and nutrition blog. I’m sorry to say you can’t even escape it here, because believe it or not, it's relevant to the nutrition world! With new studies coming out every day, we look for any potential bias that may impact the study conclusions.

Carra-what? The What, Why, and How on Carrageenan in Food

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion in the media about carrageenan in food. With any food ingredient, it's important to look at the science behind the buzz.  Carrageenan (pronounced "care-uh-gee-nun") is a naturally-occurring ingredient that is extracted from red seaweed and used to improve the texture and palatability of many foods and beverages.

The Luck 'O the Irish is in Eating Green

Get out your green knickers and shake hands with a leprechaun, for everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day! Aside from the traditional fare of Irish stew and soda bread, you might find yourself enjoying some green foods this St. Patrick's Day-perhaps green popcorn or beer, and maybe even some spinach for good measure. But what does it really mean to "eat green"?