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Protein Power Couples: How to Pair - Part 2 [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you've dug into the first infographic in our series, you've already got the basics about protein pairing. Luckily, there's no need for stress- you don't need to pair these incomplete proteins at every meal! Consuming diverse protein foods through the day will give you everything you need. But if you're still curious about how the food groups match up, or want a particularly powerful snack, check out our latest protein power couples! 

The Protein Truths You’ve Been Waiting For

The word of cod. The gospel of tofu. The dogma of soy.

Finally, the 2015 Food and Health Survey has shed light on what Americans think about all things protein (and plenty of other food issues too!). While a few protein facts seem well-known, some of us could use a refresher on the benefits of protein.


INFOGRAPHIC: Nuts for Heart Health

Enjoyed our Friday Fats series opener on nuts for heart health? Now find out how different nuts and their unique mixes of fat can be great for your heart:


INFOGRAPHIC: Protein for Recreational Athletes

You may not be interviewed on ESPN any time soon, but if you're hitting the gym (or the running path, or the dance studio ... ), it could still affect your protein needs. Check out our latest infographic to figure out how much protein you need, and read Top Protein Myths for Gym-goers – Exposed!

Top Protein Myths for Gym-goers – Exposed!

Protein. It’s perhaps the most discussed macronutrient for gym buffs everywhere. There is a ton of questionable information about protein out there, so it can be hard to find accurate information. Fret no longer! Here are the top three protein myths, exposed:

jogging-fellow-needs-more-proteinMyth: I only need to eat the recommended daily amount of protein.

Fact: If you’re active, you need more.

The #1 Cleanse of 2015: Ditch the Detox Diets

Juicing and cayenne water and supplement-popping, oh my!

After an indulgent holiday season, you may be feeling bloated or sluggish. Before you jump onto the newest detox wagon (“souping” anyone?), consider these four cleanse reality checks:


#1. Your body is already ‘cleansing’ itself.