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Food Fads Through the Ages [INFOGRAPHIC]

We hear about fad diets everywhere. Morning shows, celebrity books, overly enthusiastic extended family members. Lately, it seems like we've been completely inundated with scientifically suspect weight-loss cures. But, believe it or not, these crazy fad diets are nothing new. Take a look at this timeline of poorly thought-out diet fads, and see if you think we've made any progress:

The ‘Elements’ of Getting Your Nutrients: How Food Prep Impacts Nutrition

It might be frozen blueberries sprinkled on cereal, or steamed broccoli with your dinner. You could pull baby carrots out of your purse, or throw a can of peaches on your yogurt. There are so many ways to get those good fruits and veggies. So does it matter where they come from?

Contrary to popular belief, both fresh and processed produce undergoes some sort of packaging, cooking, or processing before reaching your plate. Earth, wind, fire, and ice, the classic elements, can help us look at how our fruit and veggie prep can impact nutrients.  


3 Reasons I Might Have Failed #KannyKitchen101

Megan Smith, @meganmichel33, University of Maryland Dietetic Intern 

Are All Forms of Caffeine Created Equal?

Megan Smith, @meganmichel33, University of Maryland Dietetic Intern

Thank goodness caffeine exists in this world. What would we do without that extra little boost that makes us feel so happy and productive?  

But are all forms of caffeine created equal?

Healthy Tailgating Tips: Make sure your food is safe this football season!

Megan Smith, @meganmichel33, University of Maryland Dietetic Intern

The end of summer and start of fall is always a little bittersweet. To stay optimistic, I like to think about the positive things the fall season brings. The leaves begin to turn brown and pumpkins become a staple crop, humidity levels decrease and my hair starts to look normal again, and most importantly--football and tailgating season is underway!