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Sound Science: Caffeine Consumption and Heart Health

Java enthusiasts rejoice! While you may have been skipping out on that third mug of coffee for fear of having heart palpitations, the latest research actually shows no connection between caffeine consumption and arrhythmia.

What It Takes To Have a Winning Diet

The air is abuzz with excitement as the Summer Olympics get underway. With the opening ceremony kicking off today (Aug. 5), let’s take this time to learn about a whole different set of superstars: the foods and nutrients that keep us healthy, ready to attack any fitness goal and go for the gold!

Food Tips for No-Shave November

No-Shave November is in full swing! Whether you have a handlebar mustache, Viking beard, or soul patch, the goal of every No-Shave participant is the same: to raise both awareness and funding for cancer prevention and treatment. So while you are watching that hair grow on your face, here are some tips for optimal men’s health.


How Red Meat Can 'Beef Up' Your Nutrition

It’s time to put the red light on the misperceptions on red meat. Red meat has tons of nutrition benefits and can be part of a healthful and balanced diet. Here are 3 science-based facts about why red meat can actually benefit your health:


More than 'Meats' the Eye: Beefing Up on the Facts on Red Meat [INFOGRAPHIC]

From protein to healthful fats to vitamins and minerals (like iron and vitamin B!), red meat comes with a lot of nutrition benefits. Check out the latest infographic to see how a moderate intake of red meat can beef up your diet.

5 Myths About Your Metabolism

From snacking to sleeping to lemon juice, it seems like everything is supposed to 'jumpstart your metabolism.' So what's real? We check out the biggest myths, and see what science has to say.