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5 Common Foodborne Illnesses That You've Never Heard Of

“Don’t eat raw cookie dough or you’ll get salmonella,” is something my mom consistently told me growing up, and I’m sure you have probably heard that too at one point or another. Most people are familiar with Salmonella and E. coli, but there are numerous other foodborne illnesses that aren’t as well known, but still very common.

Penne for Your Thoughts: Four Holiday Food Gift Ideas

Being a nutrition major, dietetic intern, and someone who must eat to survive (hey, that’s you too), it’s safe to say that food is a huge part of my life. I also love the holidays and gift giving. Giving food gifts are a perfect way to share my love of nutrition and food with the people in my life. And who doesn’t love food? Here are four simple food gifts that your friends and family are sure to love!


The Vitamin B Complex: It's Actually Not That Complex

B vitamins primarily help our bodies convert food into fuel that we use for energy. While there are eight B vitamins found in foods, we are just going to focus on four: B1, B2, B3, and B9. ("Gaps" in the numbering of B vitamins from 1 to 12 are substances that were discovered but were later not considered to be B vitamins, or were found to have no nutritional value.)  Most of these vitamins, often referred to as other names, are probably more recognizable.