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Newsbite: 3 Ways for Your Toddler to Be Hands-On in the Kitchen

If you’re a parent, you’re probably accustomed to your children asking, “Is dinner ready yet?” from the moment you begin preparing a meal to the moment it’s on the table. If you’re not a parent, you can surely admit to asking your mom or dad these same questions at some point growing up. While it can feel like nagging, that interest from your children may be a great opportunity to get them involved in the cooking process—a benefit to both of you!

Snacking Series: How to Make the Most of Eating Between Meals

Snacking is a fact of life for most of us. Research shows that, in America, about 25 percent of our daily calories come from snacks.

Intuitive Eating Misconception: Does Anti-Diet Mean Anti-Health?

One-third of people are dieting—counting, measuring and potentially overthinking their food choices. But what if I told you there were other options—alternatives that didn’t require you to spend significant time each day deciding on, wrestling with and often being unsatisfied by your food choices?

Welcome to the anti-diet (or non-diet) approach. Sound too good to be true? Maybe. But so did that juice cleanse your friend tried last week.

Does Your Plate Look Like MyPlate?: Results from the 2018 Food & Health Survey

As humans, we want to make sense of our decisions, habits and surroundings. And it’s clear we’re a well-intended group of people, with one-third of us adopting an eating pattern last year, most of them motivated by what they believe is best for their health. But there are some discrepancies between what we’re trying to do and what the outcome is.

What is the Nordic Diet?

The Nordic diet highlights the local, seasonal and nutritious foods from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It’s quite similar to the Mediterranean diet in that it emphasizes whole grains such as barley, rye and oats, berries, vegetables, fatty fish and legumes, and it is low in sweets and red meat. The Baltic Sea Diet Pyramid recommends amounts of these foods that should make up a healthy Nordic diet.

Snacks: Purposeful Partner or Unnecessary Nuisance?

I’m always nervous I’m about to get a side-eye from friends and family when I pull out a snack. It’s as if, because I’m a registered dietitian, I should only eat three meals each day and never need anything in between. The truth is, most of us eat snacks daily, and that’s OK! If you’re curious about snacks and how you could incorporate them into your eating plan, keep reading.

Spring into Fresh Produce

There’s nothing quite like the crisp smell of spring after a long, cold winter (much like the one we’ve had!).

3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is a continual issue in the United States. A new study reported that nearly 150,000 tons of food is wasted, or about one pound per American daily. Recently, “healthy eaters” have been pinned as the worst offenders, with produce as one of the most wasted foods. But who wants to be told they’re contributing to waste when they’re just trying to eat fruits and vegetables?

Fad Diets with Alyssa Ardolino, RD [Podcast]

Fad diets are everywhere, and it seems like they’ve been around forever. Some come with a very strict list of what you can eat, and some are more lax. Some of them seem somewhat realistic, while others are unusual if not downright bizarre. So what exactly is a “fad diet”? Do any of them actually work? And can some do more harm than good?

The Dirt on the #CleanEating Movement

If you’ve checked social media lately, you may have noticed the surge in “clean” diets. Almost always accompanying an aesthetically pleasing food creation, this type of article lets you know with absolute certainty that X ingredients or foods are not present.