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Snacks: Purposeful Partner or Unnecessary Nuisance?

I’m always nervous I’m about to get a side-eye from friends and family when I pull out a snack. It’s as if, because I’m a registered dietitian, I should only eat three meals each day and never need anything in between. The truth is, most of us eat snacks daily, and that’s OK! If you’re curious about snacks and how you could incorporate them into your eating plan, keep reading.

Spring into Fresh Produce

There’s nothing quite like the crisp smell of spring after a long, cold winter (much like the one we’ve had!).

3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is a continual issue in the United States. A new study reported that nearly 150,000 tons of food is wasted, or about one pound per American daily. Recently, “healthy eaters” have been pinned as the worst offenders, with produce as one of the most wasted foods. But who wants to be told they’re contributing to waste when they’re just trying to eat fruits and vegetables?

Fad Diets with Alyssa Ardolino, RD [Podcast]

Fad diets are everywhere, and it seems like they’ve been around forever. Some come with a very strict list of what you can eat, and some are more lax. Some of them seem somewhat realistic, while others are unusual if not downright bizarre. So what exactly is a “fad diet”? Do any of them actually work? And can some do more harm than good?

The Dirt on the #CleanEating Movement

If you’ve checked social media lately, you may have noticed the surge in “clean” diets. Almost always accompanying an aesthetically pleasing food creation, this type of article lets you know with absolute certainty that X ingredients or foods are not present.

Say Farewell to Dieting and Hello to Intuitive Eating

We’ve talked about intuitive eating in the past (check out our hunger scale!) but never fully dove into all 10 principles — until now. Intuitive Eating was coined by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD, and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD, Fiaedp, FADA, FAND, after their clients expressed concerns about the diet plans they had been given in the past.

Fast Take: Takeaways from a New Study Pitting Low-Carb & Low-Fat Diets Against One Another

Low-carb? Low-fat? Personalized to your DNA? There’s a lot of hype about which diet, if any, is best for your long-term health. New research from JAMA may suggest that neither a low-carb nor a low-fat diet outweighs the other in terms of weight loss. What’s more, participants in this study achieved an additional goal: developing a healthy relationship with food.

There’s Something Rank About Ranking Our Foods

Registered dietitians and nutrition scientists have a somewhat complicated history of being a bit … well ... critical of the food you may (or may not) be eating. Sometimes it goes too far, and the knowledge we have about food becomes too objective. This over-analysis of nutrient composition overlooks what food is also meant to do: provide nourishment, satisfaction and joy.

Build Your Own Snack Dip [INFOGRAPHIC]

Welcome to the sixth installment of Food Insight’s Build Your Own Series! We are excited to share simple but tasty ways to spice up the healthiness of your favorite foods. Next up is snack dip -- an option that’s perfect for a midday snack. If you’re new to snack dips or just want to find more ways to enjoy one, keep reading.

First things first: choose a base, preferably with protein. Protein may help you feel full longer and build muscle. Hummus, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are all great options. These bases are simple and perfect for building flavor!

Build Your Own Fajita [INFOGRAPHIC]

Welcome to the fifth installment of our Build Your Own series! We are excited to share simple but tasty ways to spice up the healthiness of your favorite foods. Next up is the fajita — an option that’s perfect as an entree or used as leftovers the next day. If you’re new to fajitas or just want to find more ways to enjoy them, keep reading.