The FDA Speaks! An Update on the Safety of BPA

By: Tony Flood   Date: 1/15/10

With the buzz growing about the FDA missing multiple self imposed deadlines on an update about the safety of BPA, the agency responded today to fill us in on its progress.  First and foremost FDA commissioner Peggy Hamburg reiterated that BPA is safe for the general public and people shouldn't be afraid to use bottles or cans made with it. 

However the agency did adjust its stance a bit to agree with a 2008 National Toxicology Program review saying that there is "some concern" about infants and young children consuming BPA.  In order to determine if it truly has any impact on the health of infants and young children, the FDA will spend $30 million to do its own research over the next couple of years.

What Consumers Should Do

In the meantime, consumers should know that BPA is still considered safe and approved for use.  BPA has been used in food packaging for years and the nutrition benefits of the formula in baby bottles far outweigh the risks of BPA for infants and young children.  For those who are still concerned about the health effects of BPA, the FDA is recommending several precautions you can take to minimize your kids exposure:

·        Discard scratched baby bottles and infant feeding cups: Scratches can harbor germs and potentially release small amounts of BPA

·        Avoid heating BPA containing containers: When heated directly or by boiling liquid, small amounts of BPA may leech out

·        Check the labels on products: Only use dishwasher safe products in the dishwasher and microwave safe products in the microwave.

Additional tips as well as a detailed Q&A are available at the Health and Human Services web site

 For now this is the first step in a longer process studying BPA.  Check back here for updates as more studies are done over the next few years.