Looking Back at the “Health Reality,” and Looking Forward to Your Behavior Change

Looking Back at the “Health Reality” Campaign, and Looking Forward to Your Behavior Change

This month, we introduced three consumer profiles corresponding with stages along the behavior change continuum based on analysis of our 2014 Food & Health Survey:

  • Health Survivors are less influenced by the healthfulness of foods and beverages (Precontemplation/Contemplation stage).
  • Health Apprentices are actively making changes to improve their diet (Action stage).
  • American Health Idols have maintained dietary changes for more than a year (Maintenance stage).

Throughout our campaign, we shared consumer insights from these profiles and tailored strategies for behavior change through a variety of activities and resources, including:

We even had some fun at the recent Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, using a green screen to share the results from dietetic students and professionals who completed the quiz.


Here’s my photo:

Jason the American Health Idol

I’m pointing to all of our quiz takers out there, doing my best Oprah:

The reality of all of this is, behavior change is a journey, and regardless of your current stage, I hope this information has inspired you to consider ways you can to take steps to improve your diet and health. In fact, with the holidays just around the corner, there is no better time to implement some behavior change strategies. Here are some examples for each of our profiles:

  • Survivors catching up with friends and family can talk to those who have successfully changed their diet about their experience. And of course, the New Year brings new beginnings. Make a personal commitment to improve one aspect of your diet, such as increasing whole grains or fruits and vegetables, or balancing calories.
  • For Apprentices, the holidays are a balancing act. You know parties with family and friends will be chock-full of goodies… And calories. One way you can balance calories is by setting physical activity goals during the week and use social gatherings as an opportunity to reward yourself for your hard work. For accountability, team up with someone in your family to navigate the holidays together.
  • Idols can reinforce their behavior changes by supporting Survivors and Apprentices during the holidays. Also, since Idols have integrated healthful dietary habits into their lifestyle, maybe there’s an opportunity to take action around other aspects of your health, such as physical activity or stress reduction.

Food Insight will continue to be a resource during the holidays. Follow us and look for helpful information and tips on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter as you make behavior change your reality.