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Seasonings Greetings: 4 Healthy Holiday Spices

This holiday season is in full swing and that means one thing: food! From delicious sugar cookies to holiday hams, pumpkin pie to egg nog, the festive foods of the season take prime spot. Of course, what’s those foods without their delicious spices and herbs that make them so much better? And these great seasonings not only make your favorite holidays foods delicious, but also have their own health and nutritional benefits.

Road Testing Dairy-Free Milks

I love this time of year. Specifically, the food this time of year.

Can You Be Healthy on a Budget?

Can you eat healthy on a budget? It’s a question we get often, and many folks feel like it’s a virtually impossible task. Healthful food is perceived as synonymous with expensive, and with so much focus on ‘artisanal’ nutritious foods (hello, Pinterest!) , it’s easy to forget the many nutritious options for only a few bucks.

 Great news, eating healthy on a budget is very possible. You just need to know a few tips and tricks.

Green Smoothies: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Every morning, Monday through Friday, after completing a yoga session, I make a green smoothie.