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The Mediterranean Diet: It doesn’t have to be Greek to you

Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean? The sights, the sounds, the climate, the cultures. And the cuisine…oh, the cuisine!

For decades, the health community has looked for an explanation for the heart health of the people of this region. What about Mediterranean life is so different from the rest of the world?

It must be the low-stress lifestyle. How can someone be stressed with that much vacation and vino, right?

Should We Be Nuts for Coconut Oil?

Kris Sollid, RD, Associate Director, Nutrients and Colleen Abbott, MS, Dietetic Intern, University of Maryland, College Park.

When most people hear the phrase “coconut oil” their mind turns to the tropics. The smell, the sand, the sound of the ocean—what’s not to love? Lately, coconut oil has come up more and more, but in an entirely different way. It’s often said that coconut oil can do amazing things for your health, but is this true?

Fourth Quarter Comeback: Why elite athletes can end up on the Biggest Loser

I'm a sports fan. Let me rephrase that. I'm fanatical about sports: all sports. I'm also a registered dietitian. So you can imagine my intrigue when I saw the commercial for this fall's season of The Biggest Loser. This season, the show's contestants are all former elite athletes.

Some athletes have experienced trouble transitioning to the real world after their playing days are over. The most common pitfall for former players has been financial, but others have also struggled to stay fit.  

Sugar: Not So "Simple" Anymore

Sugar. How did this simple carbohydrate become a substance that generates such complex conversations and polarizing opinions?

The increasing debate over sugars seems to have no plateau in sight. At issue is whether sugars uniquely contributes to poor health beyond overconsumption. This topic is hotly debated among the scientific, regulatory, and advocacy communities.

Thinking of Going Gluten-Free? Here's What You Need to Know

Gluten-free diets are getting more and more attention these days for a variety of reasons. It's almost impossible to avoid hearing or reading about the terms "gluten" and "gluten-free" both in the news and nutrition circles. In fact, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' annual conference (FNCE) has an entire pavilion on its exhibit floor dedicated to gluten-free products. Check it out if you're in Houston this week and are looking to sample some of the latest creations. 

Three Birds, One Stone

Think for a second about your favorite flavors. Do you have a preference for sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or savory? Me, I'm a salty. We each have our preferences and I appreciate all taste qualities, but there's just something that I particularly enjoy about salt.

The Whole Story on Whole Grains

In the eyes of consumers, knowing what to eat and not to eat is confusing and the information varies from one day to the next.  Information about including grains in the diet is a prime example of this, as dietary recommendations seem to be ever changing depending on the source.   

Open Your Heart to the Power of Potassium

Kris Sollid, RD and Catherine Metzgar, Dietetic Intern, Penn State University

Quick, what's the first food that comes to mind when you hear the word potassium? Like me, you probably thought of bananas, right?