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BPA: What’s Getting Missed?

Bisphenol-A, or BPA, has long been an incredible example of just how far chatter can run away from science. We even profiled the BPA “debate” as part of our War on (Food) Science series last year. This week is no different, with specious claims about BPA increasing the risk for cancer to obesity, diabetes, and ADD, plus a half-dozen other scary sounding things. It won’t surprise you to hear that those unsubstantiated claims aren't science-based or helpful for our food safety.

An Open Letter to Internet Dieters

Dear Chronic Internet Dieter,

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem.

We get it. Google is the answer for (almost) everything. Guides for child-proofing your living room, what movie that guy was in, and even scripted break-up speeches. But when it comes to diet and food advice, the Google method is killing us.

Watch out for:

Purdue University Sees What a "Ban" on GMOs Would Look Like [INFOGRAPHIC]

This week, my alma mater, Purdue University, published a study in AgBioForum that aimed to answer a simple question: What would the world look like without genetically engineered crops? They answered the question with my personal favorite discipline: economics. Here’s a snapshot of what they found:

Superfood Tuesday

Super Tuesday brings a lot of excitement in the political world. It’s not just a Tuesday, it’s a massive-exercise-in-democracy Super Tuesday. “Super” definitely adds flair to a word. It’s not just a man, it’s a faster-than-a-speeding-bullet Superman! And it’s not just your regular food, it’s a make-you-epically-healthy superfood! But are superfoods really super-ior to other foods?

Fast Take: Does the Latest Study Mean Organic Meat & Dairy Are Better for You?

This week, the British Journal of Nutrition released two new meta-analyses that looked at milk and meat products, sparking headlines like The Guardian’s ‘Organic meat and milk could offer health benefits, study suggests’ and The Express’s ‘Why organic meat REALLY is healthier.’ So… is it? Should this study change what’s in your grocery cart?


Eating Right: No Tricks, No Secrets [VIDEO]

Looking for the “secret” to a healthy diet? The answer may be simpler than you think. Variety and moderation should always be the basis of any healthy meal plan.

For more information on how to build a healthy diet, check out our resources:

4 Food Rules You Won’t Find in Michael Pollan’s ‘In Defense of Food’ (and 2 That You Will)

Fellow food nerds will already know how I spent the eve before New Year’s Eve. I was cuddled on the couch (snacks in hand) watching the new PBS documentary In Defense of Food. Some of my favorite food principles were prominent in the movie, like behavioral strategies for portion control. But I also found it was missing some important real-world food perspectives.

The 10 Best FACTS Blogs of 2015

Last year, the FACTS network was still in its infancy. This year, all your input and support has made us better and better. To celebrate a great year of working together, here are our 10 favorite pieces of 2015.



Fast Take: 9 Days to Better Health?

We’ve talked about the issue with ‘single study syndrome’- promoting the results of a single study without including the context of the full body of science. We’ve talked about when headlines are grossly out-of-step with a study’s actual conclusions. Sometimes, you get all these Science Sins wrapped into one.