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2017 Food & Health Survey: Food Confusion

Americans are confronted with nutrition and food information all the time. It can come from all angles: the news, friends, social media and advertisements. But much of that information is conflicting, making deciding what to eat more complicated.

News Bite: Don’t Fall for These 5 Pregnancy Nutrition Myths

Fearing all fish? Cutting all coffee? Figuring out what to eat during pregnancy can be tough.

But don’t despair! You don’t have to give up all your favorite foods or follow some crazy strict diet to eat healthy during pregnancy. The first step towards taking control of your eating habits during pregnancy is to arm yourself with information. Check out our new post on The Bump’s blog. This article will help you separate nutrition myths from fact… and maybe even rest a little easier. 

Put Your Best Fork Forward for National Nutrition Month

Happy National Nutrition Month! This year, is challenging us all to “Put Our Best Forks Forward.” This theme is a reminder that every bite can be one more step toward a healthier eating pattern.

If you’re a parent, you probably understand the importance of being a healthy eating role model for your kids. Putting your best fork forward as a healthy eating role model can help your kids build healthier habits just by following your example.

Becoming America’s Next Top (Food) Role Model

No one said that being the “food police” was an easy job. Between catering to picky eaters and working around busy schedules, sometimes it’s hard to get the whole family excited about a healthy meal. Parents are the most likely to feel the brunt of this family dining dilemma. According to a recent University of Michigan survey, only about one-third of parents think they are doing a good job helping their kids eat healthier.

A Guide for Starting Solids [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your baby needs only one type of food for the first six months of life. Health organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding, or iron-fortified infant formula, for this first stage. But after that, things can get a little confusing. Many caregivers have questions about the process of starting solids. This infographic provides a simple timeline to help you make sense of the process of introducing solid foods.

How to Eat Out Mindfully [INFOGRAPHIC]

When was the last time you ate at home, alone, in a quiet room, with enough time to enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace? Can’t remember? Me neither.

The “Fix” for a Cheat Day Gone Bad

We've all been there. You've just finished up your fourth plate of cobbler at the family picnic, and you wish you could travel back in time (DeLorean? Time Turner? Tardis?) to prevent the impending diet disaster.  

Take these crucial steps to cope with your food coma (and prevent the next one):

Take a deep breath, and step away from your computer – Well, don’t step away just yet. Finish reading this first.

Learn How To Eat Mindfully with the "Eat-Mojis" [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all lead busy lives. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to check in with ourselves, especially during mealtimes.

Eating slowly with minimal distractions is a good place to start. This makes it easier to prevent overeating.

Hunger scales, like the one below, are a great complement to a mindful mealtime. This tool can help get back in touch with your internal cues. 

Is it Time To Redefine “Healthy?”

“Healthy” is a nearly ubiquitous word. But is there any consensus on what the term means when it is applied to food? One quick web search for “what is a healthy food” generates over 567,000,000 results. Needless to say, there is a lot of variation in the definitions of “healthy food” found on these pages.

Despite the various definitions, many of us have one thing in common: We’re thinking about “healthy” all wrong.

Weekend Chew: Caprese Lasagna Salad

I’m a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen. Sometimes my dishes are new takes on old favorites, other times they are just mashups of my favorite ingredients. This Weekend Chew is a little of both.

I call this one “Caprese Lasagna Salad.” It’s deconstructed lasagna with a twist. The perfect treat for when you want lasagna, but it’s too hot to turn on your oven. Also, fresh tomatoes are delicious and plentiful this time of year.