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Try It Tuesday: Juice Cleanse Confessional

"Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it." This phrase would rattle around in my head every time I had a negative thought about juice cleanses, or cautioned a friend against them. Sure, I could point to a bevy of scientific reasons why cleanses were pointless at best, but I'd never had the personal experience to back up my claims.

…until earlier this week. For my diet challenge, I decided to try a three-day juice cleanse. I picked up my supplies for a three-day juice cleanse/detox/reset that was being sold at a nearby yoga studio and headed into the unknown.

To Splurge or Not To Splurge

It’s officially National Splurge Day, or as Parks and Recreation fans may know it: “Treat Yo Self 2016”.

One Traveler’s Secret to Eating Well on a Budget

Food is one of the best parts of traveling. But between the cost of plane tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals, even the most budget-savvy traveler can end up strapped for cash when it's time for a meal. But you don’t have to shell out the big bucks on Michelin-star restaurants to eat the best a country has to offer. You don’t have to break your budget to chow down on healthy and delicious local fare. One secret I learned on a recent trip to Iceland: Eating well on a budget is all about shopping like the locals.

Eat Like a Jedi

May the Fourth be with you.

It’s Star Wars day again. That means it’s a perfect time to break out your light saber and pop in your old VHS copy of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. But before you get frozen (in carbonite) in front of the TV, let’s see what our favorite Star Wars characters have to tell us about healthy eating. Whether your eating style “makes the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs” or is food equivalent of Episode I (i.e. not great), these tips can help you eat like a Jedi.

2016 World Health Day: Beat Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the “big four” non-communicable diseases, along with cancers, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory diseases.  In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide nearly one in 10 adults live with diabetes. The WHO and its partners know that it takes a coordinated global response to tackle these major public health issues. 

The Latest Food Thing that Will Supposedly Kill You: Being a Vegetarian

In the competition for supposedly scientific headlines that are so, so wrong, we have some doozies this week:

“Being a vegetarian could kill you, science warns”

“Vegetarian diet 'raises risk of heart disease and cancer'”

“Being a long term vegetarian changes your DNA and increases your risk of cancer”

If you’ve got a raised eyebrow already, you’re on the right track. Here’s why this vegetarian-hate doesn’t make any sense:


How to Prevent an Easter Basket Blunder

You made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, successfully navigating the high-calorie holidays without losing track of your healthy eating plan. Then … bam! Easter. It sneaks up on you, and suddenly you’re faced with baskets full of high-calorie treats like pastel eggs and chocolate bunnies.

The prospect of enjoying your favorite Easter treats without overindulging may seem daunting. But we have strategies to help you manage your holiday indulgences without overdoing your seasonal splurges.

The Military Diet: A Food Fad in Need of Some Basic (Nutrition) Training

Another day, another new diet trend. This time, it’s called the “military diet.” Like many of the diets that have come before it, this three-day diet promises big weight-loss results. We dug into the details to determine whether this diet should be given a medal of honor … or a courtmartial.