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What I Learned at the 2016 Experimental Biology Conference

From April 2–6, 2016 some big things were happening. You might think I’m talking about the NCAA college basketball tournament, but nope.

News Bite: Let’s 'Unsaturate' the Fat Talk

Let’s play a quick game. What is an essential macronutrient that has become both a target for us to banish from our bodies and is commonly used as an adjective to describe physical appearances and/or feelings? If you guessed fat, you are correct.

It can be extremely disheartening to see and hear how this essential macronutrient is feared or avoided. Recently, headlines and some science have elevated the interest surrounding saturated fat with many touting that tried and true recommendations regarding specific types of fat may need to be rethought.

News Bite: Microbiome Spotlight on Eat & Run

You may have played the fun ice-breaker game "3 truths and a lie," but have you ever played this game through a diet and nutrition lens? This article gets pretty “gutsy” by focusing on an expanding and burgeoning field that, despite the mega amount of interest of interest it's gaining, actually refers to tiny, microscopic bacterial communities known as the microbiome. If you are wondering what the heck the microbiome is, this article is also for you!

Fast Take: Couples, Caffeine, & Healthy Pregnancies

The latest problematic study, rooted in spurious correlation and statistical manipulation, has sparked a round of headlines that connect couples’ caffeine consumption to miscarriages. It’s an incredibly painful topic, and reporting on it deserves more scientific scrutiny than it’s gotten. Here’s where the problems lie:


Spotlight on Eat & Run: Current Carb Controversy

Ever wondered about the different types of carbohydrates and how these carbohydrates can contribute to overall health? Confused about the differences between whole grains and enriched refined grains? Then this article is for you! Get the basics on:

Fast Take: Do Carbs Give You Lung Cancer? Here’s What Folks Are Missing About the Latest Study

This week, a new single-study is taking over the airwaves. Everywhere from the Today Show to Glamour magazine is featuring headlines touting serious panic, saying that carbs like white bread, potatoes, and rice ‘give you lung cancer’ or ‘are the new cigarettes.’  (The study is available here). The comments sections on these reports are already telling us that this new panicked report isn’t passing the ‘sniff test’ for readers.

Ghee, Your Food Tastes Terrific

Ladies and gents, there’s a new fat in town. Although it seems like coconut oil is still all the rage these days, there has been some movement on who’s the phattest fat. Meet "ghee." aka the Sanskrit word for “sprinkled.”

Food Fad: Cutting the Cord on Corn

Just when you thought fruits and vegetables were safe from the food fad coverage, we read some recent articles by self-proclaimed nutrition expert Gwyneth Paltrow. Just in time for the New Year and resolutions that are tied to it, she has a new take on what a healthy diet means.

Packaged Food Series: Time Saving

You may think that in order to eat healthfully you need to have expert chef skills and/or have the time everyday to make meals from scratch that are picture-perfect and worthy to be posted on social media. This is not the only option: Packaged foods provide a great alternative to still eat a nutritious, balanced meal without spending your precious free time in the kitchen. Many packaged food options are ready-to-eat or can be prepared in 15 minutes or less using the microwave or oven.

Packaged Food Series: Nutrition Enhancements

According to the 2007 World Food Prize Laureate Philip E. Nelson, “If you teach a person how to process [or package] food, you can feed a village.” But how nutritious would the food in this village be?