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From Foodies to Fitness: 5 Points About Protein You Probably Didn’t Know

While fats and carbohydrates often take center stage in media articles, the third dietary macronutrient, protein, has become somewhat of the forgotten child, often taking a backseat to their more "media-genic" siblings. While there has been increasing attention on protein in headlines and on food labels, there are still plenty of myths swirling about protein, especially in the foodie and fitness communities. So let’s take some time to go through the folklore and bring some focus to the facts.

3 Reasons We're Celebrating This National Pasta Day

vintage-pastaCarbohydrates have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. Although low-carb diets are gaining in popularity, research has shown that for weight loss, reducing your consumption of calories is more important than restricting carbohydrate content of the diet.

Food Trendwatch: Pleased as Punch for Poké?

Move over ramen, there’s a new bowl-friendly option in town. As a die-hard fan of the hip ramen trend, I was extremely curious to find out more about the latest bowl-centric food. What exactly is poké? Is it nutritious? Are there any concerns about the hottest food fad?


Fat Focused Features [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is so much chatter out there surrounding dietary fats. One headline will tout the need to completely remove fat from the diet while another will plead to bring butter back. This has led to some interesting changes in American perception regarding fats. In the annual International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation 2015 Food and Health Survey, we were able to track Americans’ feelings about health and nutrition, specific to dietary fat.

The Food/Face Connection: Do Some Foods Give You Acne?

It’s no surprise that diet and nutrition impact overall health. But what about something a little more specific, like acne? Acne is one of the most common dermatological conditions that can creep up in puberty and last well into your 50s. I'm not going to lie: Looking at that age range is pretty disheartening. Just when I thought I was over the “tween/teen” problem, I could be facing a few more decades of this?! It got me thinking about ways to help prevent pimples from popping up and wondering if there really is a connection between the food we eat and our faces.

ESPN's Body Issue, BMI, and What Health Looks Like

Round bellies, jiggling thighs, world-class athletes. Sounds out of place?

You may have seen the seventh edition of ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue. If you haven’t, check it out. It is a unique issue that spotlights a variety of athletes’ bodies without their uniforms. Each athlete, at the top of their games, in their birthday suits. The issue shows how different sports favor dramatically different body types.

Better Know a Nutrition Expert: Meet Megan


Every day, we at FoodInsight are working hard to bring you great content by qualified experts. But who are these experts toiling away? In our series, "Better Know a Nutrition Expert," we introduce you to the smart folks who make sure that you've got the very best information in food safety and nutrition. 


Press Offices Gone Wild

When you see a headline touting exaggerated or unsupported claims, it’s easy to blame the media. While media can be one part of the problem, there are other parts of the process in play. Unfortunately, you don’t have to look far beyond the hallowed halls of academic institutions.

Press offices, we are looking at you.bad-science-press-releases

The Seven Deadly Sins of Junk Science


Before we begin, there is something I need to disclose: I am a scientist by training and received my PhD in microbiology and immunology, centered on nutritional immunology.

Whew! Real science credentials are not always popular in conversations about food, so I’m relieved to get that off my chest. Now that the cat is out of the bag, let’s dive into the real meat and potatoes: junk science.

Busting Open the 'Bulletproof Coffee' Trend

From baby shower banter to podcast episodes, we’ve been hearing about the ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ trend everywhere. We’ve heard our fair share of anecdotes touting health benefits from the strange breakfast substitute. Because everyone out there is Googling it, we figured we would dig into the science.

First, let’s take a look at what ‘bulletproof coffee’ is supposed to mean.  You’re supposed to replace your breakfast with: