Nutrition Frontiers: A Newsletter of the Nutritional Science Research Group, NCI

*Editors Note: Here at the International Food Information Council Foundation, we're always on the lookout for strong, science based materials on food and health.  Below is one example put together by experts we work with at the National Cancer Institute.

By: Anu Kaur, MS, RD, National Cancer Institute Nutritional Science Research Fellow   Date: 1/6/09

Tired of not knowing where to turn for diet and cancer prevention news? Want to meet the scientists who are paving the path to health knowledge? Wait no longer. The Nutritional Science Research Group, Division of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute has launched a quarterly electronic newsletter, Nutrition Frontiers. The newsletter highlights emerging evidence linking diet to reduced cancer risk.

Nutrition Frontiers showcases recent findings about how food may modify the risk of cancer and who will likely benefit most from dietary change.  This newsletter is for anyone interested in learning more about emerging science and clinical trials.  Whether you are someone dealing with cancer on a personal level, a student, health professional or scientist this newsletter can be useful to you. 

In the premier Newsletter, learn about the beneficial effects of women who increased their fruit and vegetable intake. Discover how sulforaphane, a bioactive compound found in cruciferous vegetables, may inhibit tumors.  Also, acquire some interesting food trivia to share with others.  Nutrition Frontiers even keeps you abreast of the latest conferences, workshops, and funding opportunities in the nutrition and cancer prevention community.

Join our community of nutrition and cancer prevention friends.  We invite you to sign up for this free newsletter at Nutrition Frontiers.