Stick to it like Glue: 3 Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

By: Katie Burns Date: 1/8/10

Well, here we are: one full week into the New Year, a new decade, the "teens." This time last week many people, IFIC staff included, made their New Year's resolutions. I've heard everything from lose weight, to get fit, to get organized, even to go sky diving!  Whether your resolution is to improve your body, mind or spirit, or simply step outside your comfort zone, a resolution doesn't mean much unless you stick to it.

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated and make your resolutions stick all year long!

1. Road map your resolution:  Break your resolution out into smaller, more manageable changes.  This provides you time to get used to the lifestyle changes throughout the year, while also preventing you from getting overwhelmed or bored by your resolution.

? My friend has resolved to travel more this year, but jet-setting doesn't exactly fit with her lifestyle.  Instead, she has planned mini-vacations to visit our friends around the country throughout the year.  She is also following a budget to accommodate her big trip to Italy in the fall-Ciao, Bella!!

2. Visualize success: I find quotes to be particularly inspiring, as well as photos or images of what I am striving toward.  I place them around my house and also in my calendar at times when I know I will be stressed and tempted to "fall off the wagon" to keep me focused and motivated.

? If you've resolved to get fit this year, cut out photos of what you aspire to, outfits that will highlight your newly toned figure, or even hunky men you hope to attract and place them around your house.  You may be less inclined to indulge on those three-scoops of ice cream if your dream guy is eyeing you up from the freezer door!

3. Recommit on a regular basis:  There's a reason New Year's Resolutions come at with a New Year.  It's a fresh start, a clean slate!  Take that attitude and apply it throughout the year.  There was a reason back in December why you wanted to make this change.  Remember where you were then, and recommit to stick with your goal for another week, month, and year.

? The start to the work week could be your day to recommit, or you could make the first of every month your day. The point is to pick a day on a regular basis when you recommit to your resolutions.

I'm wishing you well with your New Year's resolutions.  Check back to see if IFIC staff are doing sticking with our resolutions and to find motivation throughout the year to help you stick to yours!  What are your New Year's resolutions?  How do you plan to keep them throughout the year?