Taking Sodium Reduction Into Your Own Hands

By: Ann Bouchoux   Date: 1/14/10

New York City's call for the food industry to reduce sodium by 25 percent in the next five years has dominated the headlines in the food world this week.  Such recommendations are nice, but the great news is that people can take matters into their own hands if they are interested in reducing their sodium intake.

Here are some easy-to-do steps:
? Eat more fruits and vegetables
Follow the Dash Diet
? Read and use food labels

Studies have shown that for people with high blood pressure just following those steps can have a beneficial impact on their health.

What Consumers Say About Their Sodium Intake

The International Food Information Council Foundation works really hard to understand what everyday people are doing and thinking about nutrition and health, which is why we do so much consumer research.  In 2009 we decided to get a better handle on where folks are with regard to sodium, so we conducted research to learn what people know and are doing about their sodium intake.  The findings were really interesting and one of the key things we learned is that most people don't know much about sodium, food, and health.  For that reason, it makes sense to help folks understand how sodium fits in the diet so that they can make well-informed choices if they need or want to manage their sodium intake. You may want to read our blog, about the research "Are American's Sodium Savvy? IFIC Takes a Look"

For even more information about sodium and health, check out some previous Food Insight newsletter articles, "The Story of Sodium" and "Quick Tips to Be Sodium Savvy," as well as the IFIC review, Sodium in Food and Health.