Agriculture and Food Production

Blog entry | May 26 2011

 By: Lindsey Loving Date: 5/27/11 

Press Release | May 04 2011

Price Approaches Taste as Top Influencer for Americans When Purchasing Foods & Beverages

Data & Survey | May 04 2011

Overview & Summary

Blog entry | May 03 2011

By: Sarah Romotsky, Dietetic Intern   Date: 5/4/11

Press Release | Apr 25 2011

International Food Information Council Foundation Encourages Key U.S. and Global Leaders to Emphasize Effective, Science-based, Behavior-focused Communication Messages on Nutrition and Health

Press Release | Apr 24 2011

(Washington, D.C.) − The International Food Information Council (IFIC) shares IFIC and IFIC Foundation consumer attitudinal research, insights, and educational materials as the U.S.

Blog entry | Apr 21 2011

By: Kerry Phillips, RD   Date: 4/22/11

Article | Apr 13 2011

This fact sheet discusses the animal antibiotic regulatory approval process, which ensures the safety of milk, meat and eggs from animals treated with antibiotics.  Human safety is a key component

Article | Apr 10 2011

"The Low-Down on Local Foods"