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Blog entry | Nov 14 2018

Walk into any dietary supplement store and you’re likely to see a whole wall filled with nothing but

Blog entry | Oct 31 2018

Haunted houses, horror movies and hilarious costumes all make Halloween a scary good time. Candy is also a big part of Halloween, which means there’s no better time of year to talk about sugar.

Blog entry | Oct 24 2018

Many of us opt to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as a part of building a healthy lifestyle.

Blog entry | Oct 24 2018

We hear so much about eating to improve our “gut health.” These conversations almost always involve a discussion about foods that contain prebiotics and probiotics. But what exactly are they?

Press Release | Oct 11 2018


Blog entry | Oct 10 2018

Imagine this: You’re browsing the internet and you come across an article saying that chocolate, your favorite sweet treat, is actually good for you.

Blog entry | Oct 03 2018

Think for a minute: What exactly are you hoping to get from the food you choose?

Blog entry | Sep 27 2018

The IFIC Foundation Food & Health Survey is in its 13th year

Blog entry | Sep 13 2018

As you sip on your morning latte, consider that the consumption of caffeine is rooted in antiquity, dating back to ancient times, shrouded

Blog entry | Sep 07 2018

We might like to think of our gut microbiome as an immobile, somewhat mysterious presence in our gastrointestinal tract.