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Blog entry | Jul 11 2018

If you’re a parent, you’re probably accustomed to your children asking, “Is dinner ready yet?” from the moment you begin preparing a meal to the moment it’s on the table.

Blog entry | Jul 10 2018

Protein is one of the three ways we get calories. But it’s much more than that, a fact that research continues to reveal.

Blog entry | Jul 06 2018

Welcome to Gut Check, our running series where we explore how the food we eat is connected to our gut micr

Blog entry | Jul 05 2018

For the last installment i

Blog entry | Jul 03 2018

If you know me at all, you know the only thing I really want to do in this life: travel the world.

Blog entry | Jun 29 2018

Are carbohydrates your friend or foe? Given all the conflicting information you may be hearing about carbs, sometimes it’s hard to know.

Blog entry | Jun 22 2018

Snacking is a fact of life for most of us. Research shows that, in America, about 25 percent of our daily calories come from snacks.

Blog entry | Jun 19 2018

Lectin is a naturally occurring protein found in beans, legumes, whole grains and even some vegetables.

Blog entry | Jun 14 2018

One-third of people are dieting—counting, measuring and potentially overthinking their food choices.

Press Release | Jun 13 2018

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Blog entry | Jun 12 2018

For most of us, snacking is a fact of life.

Blog entry | Jun 08 2018

As both a food-loving and food-phobic society, Americans have a tendency to obsess over certain foods and diet trends—vilifying them after they lose their allure and championing them anew when they

Blog entry | Jun 06 2018

As humans, we want to make sense of our decisions, habits and surroundings.

Blog entry | Jun 05 2018

We’re back again with another edition of Gut Check, our series on the relationship between food and the gut microbiome.

Blog entry | Jun 01 2018

What’s your vision of the perfect family meal? Maybe it’s having dinner on the table by five o’clock a few times a week.