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Blog entry | May 31 2018

A new study from Finland is adding fuel to the

Blog entry | May 30 2018

The Nordic diet highlights the local, seasonal and nutritious foods from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Blog entry | May 29 2018

There are enough contradictory headlines about dietary fats to make your head spin, so it’s time to set the record straight about the different types of fat and the food sources we should be emphas

Blog entry | May 24 2018

According to experts, advocates and the CDC, food allergies are a public health concern and are seemingly on the rise.  But what might be the cause?

Blog entry | May 23 2018

It seems like it is all the rage to follow a restrictive diet.

Blog entry | May 18 2018

When you think about trying to eat healthier, sugary foods and drinks probably don’t top your list of things to eat more of.

Blog entry | May 10 2018

I’m always nervous I’m about to get a side-eye from friends and family when I pull out a snack.

Blog entry | May 08 2018

Protein is an essential nutrient — it’s important for everything from appetite regulation to physical fitness to healthy skin and hair. But what exactly is a protein?

Blog entry | May 04 2018

While it is encouraged that we drink the recommended amount of water each day, many people may choose different ways to hydrate.

Blog entry | May 02 2018

Overwhelmed by food choices and fad diets? Wondering how - or if - your food choices can decrease your risk for chronic disease?

Blog entry | May 01 2018

There’s nothing quite like the crisp smell of spring after a long, cold winter (much like the one we’ve had!).

Blog entry | Apr 25 2018

How we feed our children in their earliest years of life can play a big role in their dietary success and health down the road.

Blog entry | Apr 18 2018

The Joy of Soy Milk