Food Safety

Blog entry | Jan 02 2015

Whenever a new study comes out that makes some big health conclusions, we like to put it through the wringer, using the Intern

Article | Dec 31 2014

Authored by Tony Flood with input and review from Dr. Aurora Saulo, University of Hawaii

Blog entry | Dec 19 2014

If you’re city-dweller like me, you may have thought that raw (unpasteurized) milk was put out to pasture (or, better yet, “Pasteur”) in the 19th century.

Blog entry | Dec 17 2014

Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill: it’s the mantra of the food safety world.Food-Safety-Equals-Behavior-Frank-Yiannis

Blog entry | Nov 19 2014

When many of us hear the word 'arsenic,' we often pair it with 'o

Article | Nov 18 2014

What is propylene glycol?

Blog entry | Nov 14 2014

File this in the category of “here we go again.” After establishing the Dirty Dozen brand with

Blog entry | Nov 07 2014

There's an old watch that I bought who knows how many years ago that I absolutely love. With its chunky, bubble-like crystal and shiny, substantial bezel, it easily spans my entire wrist.

Blog entry | Oct 27 2014

Database ≠ Science

Press Release | Oct 27 2014

Foods Containing Ingredients Produced using Biotechnology are as Safe as Conventional

Blog entry | Oct 15 2014

Many of you may have seen the recent PBS Frontline segment titled “Trouble with Antibiotics.”  I can understand why o