Food Safety

Blog entry | Dec 16 2015

dihydrogen-monoxide-memeHave you ever heard the mantra “If you

Blog entry | Dec 03 2015

Did you know that as many as 15 million Americans have food allergies?  If you’re a bubbly holiday traveler like me, chances are you will meet someone with a food allergy this season – at a party,

Blog entry | Dec 01 2015

Last year, the FACTS network was still in its infancy. This year, all your input and support has made us better and better.

Blog entry | Nov 23 2015

You may have seen it on fitness websites or on your Facebook newsfeed: the laundry list of foods that registered dietitians “won’t eat.” The list is usually about a mile long and contains any food

Blog entry | Nov 18 2015

From supermarkets to farmers markets, Americans can enjoy hundreds of nutritious, fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables. In order to provide such a plentiful food supply, conventional and or

Blog entry | Nov 10 2015

If headlines on your Twitter feed are telling you to cook with lard instead of vegetable oil, please don’t listen. Here’s why.

Blog entry | Nov 02 2015

A peanut allergy is one of the most common causes of food related anaphylaxis.

Article | Oct 19 2015

What do a cell phone and a career as a hairdresser have in common?

Blog entry | Sep 30 2015

Did you know that you play an important role in “cold chain management?”  Without your participation in the cold chain, the safety of the food you eat cannot be assured.