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Dietary Fats: Balancing Health & Flavor



Author: IFIC Foundation

Description: Research on dietary fats and health has advanced considerably in recent years, revealing their complex and critical roles in overall health and well-being. The misperception that fats are generally unhealthy is slowly being corrected as scientific evidence regarding the healthfulness of unsaturated fatty acids is more widely communicated. As consumer understanding and interest progress, questions are also evolving from “How do I get less?” to “How do I get the best?” A strong understanding of fats in foods and their component fatty acids is essential for guiding consumers towards a healthful eating pattern. Mixing the right measure of unsaturated fatty acids and a dash of kitchen wisdom will help consumers to enjoy foods that are both healthful and tasty.

Publication Date: Aug 31 2015
ISBN/EAN13: 1517002842 / 9781517002848
Page Count: 40 Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Language: English
Related Categories: Health & Fitness / Diet & Nutrition / General





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