Partner Spotlight: The European Food Information Council’s Global Update on Nutrition Labelling

The European Food Information Council’s latest ‘Global Update on Nutrition Labelling’, February 2016, is now available for purchase.

The Global Update on Nutritional Labelling is a comprehensive report that:

  • Gives an up-to-date, comprehensive view of the food labelling landscape worldwide
  • Evaluates research and practical experiences to date
  • Highlights emerging trends and remaining knowledge gaps
  • Suggests ways forward, particularly with respect to consumer research

The report is directed to those who have a particular interest in the state of nutrition labelling around the world, beyond a regulatory perspective. This Global Update provides a comprehensive overview of the state of play on the issue today.

Updated yearly, the 2016 edition has several key points:

  • A global overview of the existing rules and regulations to date
  • Reports on the recent private initiatives on Nutrition Labelling across the world
  • Explanations of the different terminology and information displayed on labels
  • Overviews on the educational programs launched by governments, private sector and NGOs during 2015
  • Analysis of current debates within consumer research on existing labelling schemes and their effectiveness: benefits and drawbacks of each scheme
  • Suggestions for future consumer research

The Global Update on Nutritional Labelling is a yearly report produced by EUFIC (European Food Information Council) in collaboration with Landmark Europe and five other partner food organizations:

  • China Food Information Center
  • CISAN (Consejo para la información sobre la seguridad de los alimentos y nutrición)
  • International Food Information Council
  • New Zealand Nutrition Foundation
  • South African Association for Food Science and Technology

To buy the Global Update on Nutrition Labelling, go to the European Food Information Council’s online shop