Celebrating Women: International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day. To commemorate this important day,  we pulled together our favorite posts that celebrate women. Explore how women are changing the face of agriculture, standing up for science, and being mindful of the unique nutritional needs of women at any age.  

What Every Woman Should Know About Food and Their Health

Women’s needs are unique and, too often, they fall to the bottom of the priority lists. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard work, so resolve to learn a few tips that can improve your health and fitness at any age.

Warriors for Science: The RDs in Biotech Edition

Misinformation about ag biotech abounds on social media (understatement of the year, am I right fellow FACTS Followers?). Luckily, these women RDNs aren’t shy about stepping up to the plate (no food pun intended) and doing their part to correct bad info.

Growing Your Food #LikeAGirl

When you think of your food growing, who do you picture? If it’s a grizzled old Andy Griffith character, you’re probably not alone. But you’re missing a big part of the picture. The USDA Ag Census reports that women make up 14 percent of principal farm operators and 30 percent of all farm operators. Globally, the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) reports that rural women produce half of the world’s food.

Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby: Prenatal Nutrition 101

What does a healthy diet look like for a pregnant woman? Pregnancy is a special time in life, so it makes sense that you have special nutritional needs. Here are a few tips to help deliver a healthful diet while pregnant.