News Bite: 3 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating During Race Season

With cooler temperatures, crisper air, and the return of comfort food, fall has got to be one of my favorite seasons. Another reason why I particularly love this season? Because of fall races, of course! For the past five years or so, I have competed in some sort of (running, biking, swimming, or a combo of the three) race. For me, having a race on the calendar also means developing a training plan.

In addition to my training plan, food plays a big role in prepping for an upcoming race. But what I have found over time is that when training for a race, my relationship with food gets a little wonky.  I tend to throw my usual eating habits to the side and develop less healthy eating habits.

This season, I plan to work on bringing back some balance into my eating habits and focus on a few mindful eating strategies. This helps me make sure I am appropriately fueled for my races and still have a good relationship with food.

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