Editor's Note

Howard-Yana Shapiro

Spring crops growing in rural Pennsylvania.
Image courtesy of Flickr user Nicholas_T.

Spring is on the way (finally!), and as we begin to see the first buds of spring, there is a sense of renewal that also is particularly noticeable in the food and nutrition world. March was a busy month for food and agriculture, with changes signifying growth and renewal. From the announcement of the first changes to the Nutrition Facts label in more than 20 years, to the ongoing meetings of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, to the celebration of National Ag Day, food, agriculture, and nutrition have taken center stage as we watch them grow and change. As I look out the window at the sprigs of green from my daffodils starting to push up through the thawed ground, I can imagine the food crops doing the same across the country, and suddenly, I am anxiously anticipating the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables that will soon appear in the grocery store, and winter is slowly becoming a distant memory.

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