Editor’s Note: Leaves of Change

October is a busy month for all things food, and as the leaves and temperatures are changing, there are many other noticeable changes taking place. Harvest time is coming to a close, the fruits of this year’s planting being plucked from the ground, just before the first frost of the season. In addition, certain “Fall” foods begin making their appearance, and their fleeting presence puts them in high demand this time of year. Things like apple butter, pumpkin bread, butternut squash soup, and beef stew are coveted items for my Sunday night dinners, sitting in front of the TV watching the football game. And then there’s that fun-filled holiday that is particularly spooky and sweet: Halloween! It’s probably safe to say that Fall is my favorite time of year, and it’s no wonder why!

In addition to these changes, there are many food-related events and activities taking place during October that remind us of the changes happening in the food supply, and why it is more important than ever to show appreciation for our food each and every day, and that we must continue to change to meet the growing global food demand. This can be through greater individual efforts to reduce food waste and loss, as well understanding new agricultural and food production practices that improve sustainability, preserving an abundant, nutritious, and affordable food supply.

Read more about how the International Food Information Council Foundation is celebrating all things food on World Food Day (October 16) and all through the month of October in our “Faces of Farming” article. In addition, if you are planning to attend the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in Atlanta this month (October 18-22), be sure to check out our News Bite on IFIC Foundation’s activities and stop by and see us!

Note: In last month’s issue, we featured “Part 1” of a series on using video for education. We look forward to bringing you the next and final installment of that series in November.

Happy Fall and enjoy this month to kick off many celebrations of food around the world!

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