Editor’s Note: Food Superlatives: Let’s Take a Cue from Hollywood!

Practically every week, it seems there is a new list of “Top 10 Worst” foods or ingredients. Of course, they are quickly circulated via social media, even when there is often no scientific basis to them whatsoever. This contributes to what already amounts to a lot of confusion and conflicting information about food and its impact on health.

However, in the last month, several annual movie award shows aired on national television, including the Golden Globe Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Academy Awards, recognizing the Best movies, actors, actresses, directors, screenplays, and soundtracks of the year. At these award shows, the nominees in each category are held up as examples of excellence in their field while their colleagues and an admiring public applaud them. I’m sure most people would agree that there were also some pretty bad movies this year. But those movies are not getting tons of media play – the great movies are. The Golden Raspberry Awards (also known as the “Razzies”) aren’t aired nationally because we would rather spend our energy on those who did a great job. And, as in the world of food, there is much more that is positive to talk about than negative, if you’re sticking to the facts.

If Hollywood can do it, why can’t we do the same for food? There are so many outstanding foods out there, as well as innovations in food science, that merit recognition. Instead of jumping on the pejorative bandwagon as soon as soon as it ambles by, let’s try a different approach and share a positive and science-based fact about food, health, nutrition, or food safety. I’ll start:

Award for Best in Food Innovation: This award goes to food scientists, who are working hard to develop safe ingredients that provide benefits for food safety, health, and taste. Our food supply is safer and more healthful than it has ever been, due to innovations in food science. Thank you!

That wasn’t so hard, right? Join me this March and tweet us @FoodInsight and share your #foodsuperlatives!

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