New IFIC Foundation "Understanding Our Food" Communications Tool Kit Explains Food Production from Farm to Fork

The International Food Information Council Foundation has produced a suite of new resources known as the Understanding Our Food Communications Tool Kit. The Tool Kit is comprised of six colorful pdf documents that can be downloaded and printed directly from our website.  The tool kit includes a 13-page Leader Guide for Communicators (including health professionals, academia, industry, and other food and health communicators) and five consumer handouts. The Leader Guide contains detailed information for health professionals on how today’s food system supplies food to consumers around the world, benefits of modern food processing and production, widely accepted definitions of processed foods, examples of the range of processed foods available today, and tips for communicating with consumers and other audiences about food production and processing.

The five informational handouts for consumers include:

  • “From the Farm to Your Fork – What the Food System Brings to Your Plate”
  • “What is Processed Food? You Might be Surprised!”
  • “Your Food… Your Choice”
  • “Foods to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle” and
  • “Adding Variety to Your Table Throughout the Seasons”

The Tool Kit is available at For additional resources such as videos and more about the modern food production process from farm to fork, please visit our Additional Resources page.