News Bite: Coming Soon: 10th Annual IFIC Foundation Food & Health Survey Evaluates What Health is “Worth” to Consumers

Given an extra hour in their day, would Americans choose to spend it at the gym, or take more time to plan out a healthful diet?  The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation will unveil the answer to this and other eye-opening questions about the relative importance of food and health to American consumers in its 2015 Food & Health Survey: What’s your Health Worth?, which will be released in May.

The survey provides insights into how Americans view their own diets, their efforts to improve them, how they balance diet and exercise, and their beliefs and behaviors regarding food safety and food production. The 10th annual survey will highlight trends in food safety, nutrition, and health over the past decade, as well as look at Americans’ views on current and future food trends.

The survey will also examine the real “cost” of health, as viewed through the consumers’ eyes and when converted into units of time or weighed against valuable aspects of their lives. Stay tuned for the findings, coming your way in May and June with a variety of resources and events, including our Executive Summary and Report, and free continuing education webcast for health professionals!