Newsbite: Stephanie Masiello -the 2013 Sylvia Rowe Fellow

The Sylvia Rowe Fellowship Award was established as a tribute to the former International Food Information Council and Foundation President & CEO, Sylvia B. Rowe, to help promising nutrition and food safety communicators enhance their capabilities. The goal of this award is to develop the recipient's communication skills that he or she can and will apply to communicating nutrition and food safety information to the public as his or her future career develops.

The IFIC Foundation is honored to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Sylvia Rowe Fellowship is Stephanie Masiello, Ph.D. candidate in Dairy Food Safety, with minors in Communication and Epidemiology, from Cornell University. Ms. Masiello received her Master’s Degree in Dairy Science from Virginia Technical University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Cultures from Bryn Mawr University.

Ms. Masiello serves as a Board Member of the Cornell University Hearing and Review Board and is President of the Cornell Branch of the Phi Tau Sigma Honor Society. She has been published and presented her research numerous times, including her most recent peer-reviewed publication—the article “Real-time PCR detection of Paenibacillus spp. in raw milk to predict shelf-life performance of pasteurized fluid milk products” in the Journal of Applied Environmental Microbiology.

Ms. Masiello’s academic experience in food science and food safety couples nicely with her current minors in Communication and Epidemiology, allowing her to better understand research implications and how to best share the findings with key audiences. Stephanie Masiello’s broad range of experience and her passion for improving science-based communication make her the ideal Sylvia Rowe Fellow and the IFIC Foundation looks forward to her contributions in the Summer of 2013.