School's Out

With the kids home from school for the summer, there are often big changes in the daily routine, including new activities, vacations, and sometimes less than ideal meals and snacks. If you know children who will be starting their summer break soon, you are also likely to hear “I’m bored” at least a few times. How can we help our kids to eat well, stay active, and avoid boredom? Check out these helpful resources for kids, parents, families, day care providers, and camp counselors.

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The resources were developed by the International Food Information Council Foundation based on findings from consumer research completed in 2000 and 2005.  The goal of the program is to promote healthful eating and active living in a way that is fun and relevant. The integrated educational resources include the Web site for kids and parents; the Leader’s Guide, an educational resource with lessons for health professionals and others working with kids; and the Real-Life Guide for Parents, a brochure aimed at helping parents keep the whole family healthy.

These resources, designed to inspire kids and their families to move toward more healthful lifestyles, have been updated to reflect current science and federal guidance. The Web site and resources also are non-commercial, which means that there are no ads, sales promotions, or, links to any company or brand Web sites.

For the kids…

If you’re a parent or family member…

If you’re a camp counselor, educator or daycare provider, or health professional…

  • The Leader’s Guide provides 13 fun and easy-to-use modules focused on food, fitness, fun, feelings, and family to teach children in a variety of settings: classrooms, summer- and after-school programs, daycare programs, summer camps, and other settings for youth education. While the Leader’s Guide and accompanying resources were extensively pilot-tested with kids, ages 9-12 years, the content can be easily tailored to fit the needs for children of all ages.
  • Serve up nutritious and kid-tested Smart Snacks like Insect-Infested Logs or Grape-n-Cheese Mini-Kebabs! Find other recipes for breakfast, lunch, and snacks on the website.  Begin your own “budding chef academy” using these kid-friendly recipes.
  • If you can get online, have a group of kids check out, where they can get up and get moving with games in the Kore. Take turns with one kid designing moves for the group in the Dance Move Mixer, or play the Scavenger Hunt as a team!

The summer is a great time for kids to enjoy their time away from school and to learn healthful habits that can help them live active, healthier lives. resources can help parents and role models teach these lessons to kids in a fun, kid-friendly way.  Enjoy!  

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