Why does the International Food Information Council Foundation exist?

We were formed in 1991 as the public education arm of the International Food Information Council (IFIC).  We originally were named the Food Education Foundation and later renamed the International Food Information Council Foundation.

We envision a global environment where credible science drives food policy and consumer choice, and we exist to help facilitate that environment.


How does the International Food Information Council Foundation accomplish its mission?

By its nature, scientific research is not readily accessible to most people and can be difficult to understand.  We help consumers understand scientific findings regarding health, nutrition, and food safety in language that is clear and easy to apply to their diets and lifestyles.   

We help stakeholders including health and nutrition professionals, educators, government officials, journalists, food, beverage, and agricultural industry professionals, and consumers stay on top of the latest research and trends.  In addition to our publications, which are available through www.FoodInsight.org, we also bring public and private stakeholders together for conferences and discussions surrounding health, nutrition and food safety topics of mutual interest.

Here are some of our tools and resources to help consumers make informed choices:

  • Research: We conduct primary research on public opinion about food safety and nutrition.  We share the results of this U.S. consumer attitudinal research with stakeholders and the public. A current example of a research product is our annual International Food Information Council Foundation Food & Health Survey.
  • Reports: We report on the latest research on food safety and nutrition and communicate the state of the science in clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • Educational Materials: We develop materials, test them with consumers, and share the results with the media and stakeholders in the public and private sectors.
  • News Media Resource: We provide science-based information to the media and refer news reporters to experts on a variety of nutrition, health, and food safety topics.
  • Conferences and Events: We bring diverse stakeholders together in a variety of forums to share information and improve understanding of nutrition, health, and food safety issues.
  • Website/Publications: Our website, www.FoodInsight.org, includes publications that provide information to the public.
  • Our Food Advocates Communicating Through Science (FACTS) Network is a global, interactive network of tens of thousands of people, formed to offer clarification on the growing tide of deceptive advice and misleading statistics that define a large portion of today’s food and nutrition dialogue. Made up of scientists, healthcare experts, food advocates, and consumers, FACTS provides scientific conclusions and compelling insight from experts, correcting common misperceptions about modern food production, food safety, nutrition, health and wellness. Click here to join our FACTS Network.
  • Professional Education Provider: We provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs for health and nutrition professionals. We are an approved provider for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) CPE programs. We have developed a series of Commission on Dietetic Registration-approved CPE programs on subjects relating to food, nutrition, communications, food safety, food biotechnology and a host of other topics. For a list of available CPE programs, see: http://www.cdrnet.org.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: We partner and collaborate with many other credible organizations in a variety of ways to advance the public understanding of health, nutrition and food safety. 


How is the International Food Information Council Foundation funded?

We receive funding from four sources:

  • Companies that support the Foundation’s mission.
  • Contributions from other foundations and associations (including IFIC).
  • Grants from government agencies.
  • Individual contributions.

View our list of Partners and Supporters. View our 990 Tax Forms.


How does the International Food Information Council Foundation interact with policymakers?

We provide our educational materials to policymakers, often during a public comment period or through other educational opportunities with our partners.  We also make our research available to federal government press offices and others who seek additional context on consumer research on food and nutrition issues.

In addition, we play a convening role by organizing conferences that bring together different stakeholders and policymakers to better understand the issues of the day.


How does the International Food Information Council Foundation work with experts?

One of our greatest strengths is our deep and extensive network of more than 400+ credentialed experts in food safety, health, and nutrition.  Many of these experts are based at universities and all are accomplished in their fields.  We rely on these experts to review the accuracy and context of our educational materials, help us understand emerging issues, participate in webcasts, and speak at conferences around the world.

In addition, when reporters contact us seeking information, we often refer them to relevant experts who can help inform the public at large.  We have no control over whether or not experts respond to the reporters who reach out to them.  Similarly, we do not approve their remarks or have control over what these experts say.  We never ask experts to speak in support of any company, product, brand or industry.  We do not pay experts for media interviews.


Does the International Food Information Council Foundation speak for the food, beverage or agricultural industries?

No.  In accordance with our Guiding Principles, we do not speak for any industry, company or product.  We do not endorse products or accept advertising.  Our work is based on scientific consensus, and we produce educational materials that reflect the current and evolving state of the science.


Does the International Food Information Council Foundation engage in political activities?

No.  In accordance with our Guiding Principles, we do not take positions, lobby, or advocate for legislation or regulations.  We do not have a political action committee (PAC).  We do not hold fundraisers or contribute to candidates for political office.