The International Food Information Council Foundation Introduces "Understanding Our Food" Communications Tool Kit

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(WASHINGTON, DC) The International Food Information Council Foundation has released the “Understanding Our Food” Communications Tool Kit to provide communicators such as health professionals, food producers, academicians and other food and nutrition opinion leaders with tools to communicate about modern food production and the process of how food gets to our table. The Tool Kit also provides informational sheets for consumers to address common questions and concerns about our modern food system. 

Despite the advances in food production over the last several decades, questions and concerns about modern food production have become prominent in the public dialogue. “Consumers have a tremendous amount of food choices, but many of us may take for granted  the care that goes into providing an incredible array of foods from around the world to our plates at the peak of taste and nutrition, ” says David Schmidt, President and CEO of the International Food Information Council Foundation.  “This Tool Kit was developed to demonstrate how modern food production and processing have provided consumers with numerous benefits that deliver food choices to fit any lifestyle.”

“Understanding Our Food” Communications Tool Kit Components:

  • Leader Guide: A 13-page detailed document with information on the many ways farmers, manufacturers and the modern food system help feed the world; the benefits brought to us by modern large-scale food production systems; widely accepted definitions of processed foods; the broad range of processed foods available today; and tips for communicating with consumers and other audiences about food production and processing. 
  • Informational handouts for consumers that cover a wide-range of topics, such as: What is Processed Food? You Might be Surprised!; From the Farm to Your Fork – What the Food System Brings to Your Plate; Your Food… Your Choice; Foods to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle; and Adding Variety to Your Table Throughout the Seasons.

The “Understanding Our Food” Tool Kit content was reviewed by leading food science, nutrition and agriculture experts from several major universities including University of California, Davis, Purdue University, University of Delaware, University of Florida, Tufts University and Cornell University.  The Tool Kit is available at For additional resources such as videos and more about the modern food production process from farm to fork, please visit

For more information on the Tool Kit or to speak to an expert, please contact the Foundation’s media team at 202-296-6540, or