Letter to the Editor of the New York Times from IFIC President and CEO David Schmidt

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Re: “Battle Brewing Over Genetically Modified Food,” (May 25), a 2010 “push-poll” favoring biotech labeling was quoted.

Much newer polling, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) 2012 “Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology & Sustainability” survey, our 15th since 1997, shows that 66 percent of Americans support existing federal rules for labeling foods produced through biotechnology. When asked an open-ended question about what additional information they would like to see on food product labels, less than one percent of consumers cited biotechnology or similar terminology.

The strength of our open-ended polling methodology sets it apart from other surveys looking at food technology issues.  We believe this technique yields a more accurate view of what is most important to Americans.  Through 15 years of conducting this research, we’ve not seen consumer perceptions about biotechnology change significantly and when it comes to food labels, the results show biotechnology is not a top-of-mind concern.

Your readers have the right to know the results of our objective surveys whether or not those results support your clear position on this issue.



David Schmidt
President  & CEO
International Food Information Council