5 Foods That Will Survive Your Purse

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Making sure you get the fuel you need to take care of yourself (and your kids!) doesn't have to be time consuming or complicated.

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  5 ways to get balanced nutrition on-the-go without any messy surprises: tweet

  •  Dried soybeans and chickpeas are packed with protein & fiber, are bite-sized, and keep you feeling full longer. tweet
  • Jerky is a high-quality protein that’s low in fat. Look for beef, chicken, turkey, or soy sources. tweet
  • Dried fruit won’t spoil or get bruised, it packs more energy than fresh fruit, and it’s a great source of iron and fiber. tweet
  • Nut butters (think peanut, almond, or hazelnut spreads) are packed with healthful fats & protein, and they’re available in 1-ounce packets to be enjoyed on a spoon or with whole grain crackers. tweet
  • Non-refrigerated cheese is an excellent source of protein & calcium. It’s perfect for an afternoon energy boost. (Read the package as some may need to be refrigerated once opened). tweet

About Packaged Foods

Packaged foods are an important part of our diets. Think about the range of packaged foods--it's a lot more than just occasional treats tweet. Everything from frozen fruits, to canned vegetables, to cereal goes through packaging tweet.  It keeps food fresh, long-lasting, convenient, and safe. Processing can even add nutrition. If it weren't for enrichment and fortification of foods, many groups of people would have inadequate intakes of critical vitamins and minerals. The American Society for Nutrition also concluded in their scientific statement, Processed Foods: Contribution to Nutrition that “processed foods are nutritionally important to American diets. Diets are more likely to meet food guidance recommendation if nutrient-dense foods, either processed, or not, are selected.”

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5 Foods That Will Survive Your Purse