4 Things You May Be Wondering About Sugars [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the constant chatter about sugars, there are probably at least a few things you’re unsure of and would like more information about.  If so, this infographic, "4 Things You May Be Wondering About Sugars," is for you, covering common topics or everyday arguments you may have heard about sugars. Read on for more and feel free to share with others who may be wondering the same things!

Background on Carbohydrates & Sugars

Not sure where to start? This combo article summarizes what you need to know about carbohydrates and sugars. Read on for the low-down on carbohydrates and sugars including information on nutrient content, sources, and various health benefits. This article will give you a great background on the most important features of carbohydrates and sugars so you can make the best-informed choices for you when it comes to incorporating sugars into your diet.

The Science of Sugars

Looking for just sugars information? We got you covered with this four-part series. These articles explore the scientific evidence surrounding sugars. Part 1 takes a closer look at sugars, part 2 examines the role of sugars in a healthy diet, part 3 evaluates the link between sugars and risk for chronic disease, and part 4 reviews the association between sugars and other health issues. Since a vast amount of research has been conducted on sugars and health and there is an emotional tie to sugars, this four-part series touches on the main areas of debate and will help you separate fiction from the scientific facts.

Fast Facts About High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)  

The terminology used to describe sugars can be confusing and difficult to understand; there seems to be an almost unending list of terms that can be used to describe the “sweet stuff.” This fact sheet explains what HFCS—mixture of glucose and fructose derived from corn—is, how it is made, and why it is used in foods. 

This blog includes contributions from Kris Sollid, RD.

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