Food Biotechnology: A Study of U.S. Consumer Attitudinal Trends, 2008 REPORT

2008 Food Biotechnology SurveyThe 2008 Food Biotechnology: A Study of US Consumer Trends Survey, commissioned by the International Food Information Council is the 13th annual nationally representative survey designed to gain insights into consumer perspectives on food biotechnology. This research provides the opportunity to track public awareness and perceptions of plant and animal biotechnology, determine confidence in the U.S. food supply and understand attitudes about food labeling, determine consumer opinions regarding potential benefits associated with biotechnology, and uncover emerging opinions on sustainable food production.

This survey has again found that biotech foods do not make the top-of-mind list of things Americans are avoiding.  In addition, awareness of food biotechnology continues to correlate with favorability. Therefore, the need for communication of credible, science-based information about food biotechnology remains strong.

Also, the likelihood to purchase biotech foods for special benefits remains high and stable.  Across the board, awareness of these benefits drives favorability.

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